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Scenario inventory | The application of Multiway Robotics unmanned forklift and its solutions in various types of scenarios


In complex industrial production,

How can robots adapt to diverse logistics scenarios?

How to achieve flexible production on a large scale?

Efficient collaboration of software and hardware is particularly important.

The full-stack delivery platform of Mulitway Robotics

Integrated robot hardware and flexible software system

To make on-site logistics more efficient and intelligent

Based on practical application scenarios, Multiway Robotics has created a "hardware and software integration delivery platform" that provides a complete end-to-end solution from the underlying sensors to core algorithms to upper-level systems, helping to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of global manufacturing and warehousing logistics.

The industry's most comprehensive hardware product matrix combined with self-developed software systems further expands the compatibility of robot scenarios, bringing more efficient and convenient intelligent experiences to enterprise customers, while also better meeting their unique business needs.

Multi-vehicle coordination

Self-developed RCS scheduling system, optimized core coordination algorithm, can support hundreds of different vehicle models on the same field. At the same time, intelligent traffic management can achieve dynamic avoidance of multiple vehicles, avoiding traffic jams and lock-ups, achieving a group intelligence effect of 1+1>2.


Equipment docking

Self-developed WCS equipment control system enables unified management of human and equipment operating systems such as elevators, automatic doors, conveyors, rollers, and robotic arms.  It connects system function consoles and data centers to manage equipment and information flow throughout the entire site.


Intensive access

The self-developed Tianyan vision system can greatly enhance the flexibility and adaptability of robots, supporting material cage stacking, high-level storage, inventory checking, and detection of the presence or absence of goods in storage locations.  It accurately identifies the condition of goods and improves the safety of robot operations.


Unmanned loading and unloading

Without the need for limit slots or limit rods to restrict truck docking deviations, it can easily load and unload goods using on-board vision and off-board vision, and is compatible with any specification of flatbed/wing/cargo box and any compartment size for unmanned loading and unloading.


Safety protection

The safety protection system achieves 360° all-round protection from multiple dimensions of touch, vision, hearing, and environmental perception, from sensory alarms, contact-type protection, non-contact protection, system protection, and visual protection.


Operation in low temperature cold storage

The cold storage unmanned forklift solution meets the low temperature handling requirements of minus 25°C. Through special cold storage protection measures for the body and components, and the addition of dew removal devices to the body, the vehicle can switch freely between low and normal temperature environments.


Intelligent logistics is changing traditional distribution habits, helping factories achieve efficient turnover from warehousing logistics to production logistics, and reducing costs and enhancing efficiency for enterprises. The integrated delivery platform of hardware and software of Mulitway Robotics and its excellent service ability in complex scenarios have helped more than 400 enterprises upgrade their intelligent logistics, covering more than 20 industry scenarios.



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