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Business Policies on Customized Projects

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Business Policies on Standard Products

Standard Product Multiway X1

Engagement with End Users

Engagement with End Users We will provide ideas for communicating with end users, help partners find customers that strengthen their core competitiveness, and increase customer stickiness. We are committed to building close relationships with regional partners, helping them identify opportunities and expand market presence.


Marketing Promotion

Marketing Promotion We will provide you with ready-made marketing materials including sales notes, technical information, presentations and diagrams. Partners are encouraged to localize these materials by industry and regional needs to better target their audiences.


Expertise Empowerment

Expertise Empowerment Signing the agreement is just the beginning. More importantly, we will help you grow your client base . We are willing to share our rich knowledge and professional skills with our partners and you will get high-priority technical support from us.


Training and Certification

Training and Certification We provide our partners with a series of training and certification programs. We have complete training courses and certification mechanism for sales personnel, planning engineers, and implementation engineers. Partners can provide customers with more professional support and services after the training.


Solution Support

Solution Support We will provide our high-value partners with everything needed, including non-resale copies of our products, so that they can access to first-hand materials. We will enhance the confidence and the pre-sales skills of our partners, through cooperative expansion of the successful cases together.


Performance Reward

Performance Reward We are very happy to provide our partners with additional incentives and benefits. If you become our partner, you will enjoy a variety of favorable clauses.


Regular Business Training

Regular Business Training Through video materials and program support, we continuously help our partners improve their knowledge and skills. Program support includes 1V1 technical guidance, regional business training, and annual agent conference.


Discounted Price

Discounted Price We set up a strict price control system and give discounted price for our partners. We also use a software to detect the geographical distribution of "Mobile X1" products to maximize the interests of our exclusive agents.


Resource Empowerment

Resource Empowerment We will share business opportunities with our partners, providing relevant certificates, authorization letters and other supports to ensure the regional, multi-level, and rational development of exclusive agents.


Exhibition Support

Exhibition Support With rich experience in domestic and foreign exhibitions, we fully support our exclusive agents to participate in the exhibition, and provide VI design support for the exhibition hall.


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