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The Evaluation of EcoVadis


Recently, Multiway Robotics has successfully passed the evaluation of EcoVadis, an authoritative global supply chain and corporate sustainability evaluation agency. In the assessment, Multiway ranked in the top 15% of all evaluated companies, surpassing 89% of the world's companies in the same industry, and was awarded the Silver Medal for Sustainable Development for the first time.

EcoVadis is the world's largest and most trusted corporate social responsibility and sustainability rating agency. The EcoVadis assessment is based on seven principles and measures a company's performance in the four dimensions of environment protection, labor & human rights, business ethics, sustainable procurement through policies, actions and results. It provides sustainable development scorecards for more than 130,000 companies from over 220 industries and 180 countries and regions around the world to improve corporate social responsibility performance, promote information transparency and accelerate brand innovation and growth.

Since its establishment, Multiway Robotics has adhered to the concept of ESG sustainable development and has continuously achieved breakthrough growth in product technology innovation, global business expansion. To date, Multiway has served more than 400 companies around the world in over 30 countries and regions, in 20 plus industries such as food and beverage, machinery manufacturing, cold chain logistics, automotives, chemical materials, and pharmaceuticals.

From the assessment, we learned that the scores of Multiway Robotics in all rating sub-categories (environment protection, labor & human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement) are higher than the industrial average. Winning this award is a recognition of Multiway Robotics' firm practice of sustainability.

Winning the silver medal this time means that EcoVadis highly recognizes the policies related to the implementation of various sustainable development initiatives by Multiway Robotics. It also represents that Multiway Robotics implements the concept of green sustainability and delivers "equality, tolerance and diversity" corporate culture, and has made significant progress in establishing a business integrity environment and responsible procurement management.

Multiway Robotics will follow the international standards, and learn from the evaluation results and feedback of EcoVadis to further improve sustainable development policies, continuously consolidate the foundation of social responsibility, and gradually integrate ESG requirements into the company's management system. We keep in mind our corporate mission of "creating a new and efficient employment model", and contribute to a sustainable society.



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