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Q: What is the operating temperature range of the automated pallet shuttle system?

The operating temperature range of  the current standard products is﹣5℃~45℃.

Q: What is the maximum load capacity of the automated pallet shuttle?

At present, our autonomous pallet shuttle has the maximum load capacity of 1.5 tons.

Q: How Multiway automated forklifts ensure operation safety?

1. With our software system, the algorithm will sound the alarm when it detects deviation of the route of automated forklifts. The system can also identify and alarm an abnormality in the communication equipment.

2. For automated forklifts with laser 360° three-dimensional obstacle avoidance, whenever unknown objects approach the forklift, it will raise the alarm.

3. The autonomous forklift has a mechanical anti-collision edge. Whenever an object bumps to the edge, the forklift will stop working and sound an alarm.

4. The autonomous forklifts will check the storage space before releasing the goods in the location.  

5. The automated forklift is equipped with an emergency stop button. One can manually stop the forklift with the emergency stop brake and stop the automatic forklift in operation.

6. Our Sky Horizon Vehicle-road Coordination System can reduce the risk of collision among automatic vehicles, manual forklifts, and pedestrians by giving early warnings and decelerating vehicles at busy intersections, such as crossroads. 

7. If there is an inclination during operation, the unmanned vehicle can detect the issue, slow down, and sound the alarm.

Q: Is unmanned forklift a special equipment?


Q: Can automated forklifts enter the elevator?

Multiway unmanned forklift can enter the elevator and support cross-floor transportation.

Multiway Warehouse Control System (MW WCS) realizes the unified management of the operating systems of robots, elevators, automatic doors, conveyors, rollers, manipulators and other equipment. It connects the system function console and data center, and manages the entire equipment and information flow.


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