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Innovating 3C Industry Logistics with Multiway Robotics' Smart Solutions


Multiway Robotics provided an intelligent logistics handling new model for a professional electronic components manufacturing enterprise. This enterprise, a large foreign-funded company in Hong Kong, primarily produces computer hard disk heads and related precision devices. It is the world's largest independent supplier of read-write heads, with its products distributed globally and several high-tech manufacturing bases. After thorough market research, the enterprise chose to collaborate with Multiway Robotics. By adopting one-stop intelligent logistics solution, they automated handling processes from receiving and storage to product testing and dispatch, thereby enhancing turnover efficiency.




In areas such as the storage-in-waiting area, inspection area, exception handling area, storage area, and shipping area, we provided a “Sideloader MW-O15 + WCS Equipment Control System + RCS Robot Control System” based on customer needs. This integrated hardware and software delivery meets flexible production rhythms and significantly enhances overall logistics efficiency.


The Sideloader MW-O15 can lift up to 4.5m and needs only a 1.05m turning radius. The product meets various scenario requirements, from horizontal handling, high-position stacking to narrow aisle access, meeting complex logistics needs. It significantly improves delivery efficiency and reduces marginal costs for customers.


Project Benefits


The solution ensures accuracy and efficiency in storage and picking, effectively meeting production line needs. The self-developed WCS Equipment Control System integrates the entire facility's equipment and information flow, responds quickly to tasks, and the RCS System autonomously plans the optimal route. Multiple vehicles work efficiently together, meeting the continuous 24-hour production demands of the site.


Multiway Robotics has deeply cultivated the 3C industry chain, from upstream component production to downstream assembly and packaging, with mature projects implemented in these sectors. Our flexible solutions can be rapidly deployed and easily adapted to production line requirements, switching materials as needed, thus enhancing overall logistics efficiency and becoming key for businesses to achieve agile production and efficient storage.



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